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List of Acronyms/Definitions

**General Book Terms:

AH: Alternate History

ARC: Advance Review Copy

BBW: Big, Beautiful Woman (typically seen as a type of main character)

DNF: Did Not Finish (can be verbed as DNFd)

DRC: Digital Review Copy

EROM: Erotic Romance

EU: Extending/Expanded Universe

FMC: Female Main Character

HEA: Happily Ever After

HFN: Happy For Now

H/h- Hero/ heroine (not typically used, see FMC and MMC)

MC: Main Character OR Motorcycle Club

MMC: Male Main Charater

NA: New Adult OOC: Out Of Character

OOP: Out Of Print PNR: Paranormal Romance

SF: Science Fiction (a.k.a SciFi)

SF/F: Science Fiction and Fantasy

TBB: To Be Bought

TBR: To Be Read

UF: Urban Fantasy

YA: Young Adult

**Typical Pairings (for specific sexual personalities, a.k.a Dom/Domme, see here):

--typically think of any M or F in a string as one character--

MF: Male/Female, Traditional romance pairing MM: Male/Male, Gay romance pairing or male on male content MMM: All Male Menage (a + sign typically means more men) FF: Female/Female, Lesbian romance pairing or female on female content FFF: All Female Menage (a + sign typically means more women) MMF: Male/Male/Female (if there is more than one M before the F in a pairing string, it means there is male on male content included) MFM: Male/Female/Male, used within Menage (meaning only sexual content with the woman, not between the men) MFMM (or MFMM+): Used within RH/Poly to signify how many men are involved with the woman, no male on male content (since there is only one M before the F). MMMF (or MMM+F) – same as with the MMF, male on male content included- the additional M's mean it's more of the guys not just one pair. RH – Reverse Harem, definition is a bit wavering depending on who you ask, but it's typically one women with multiple men (also known as WhyChoose or Poly if there is male on male content)


i.e.: Smoke and Wishes has MMFMMMM meaning there is male on male content within the harem with six men and one woman

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