• A.J. Macey

High School Clowns & Coffee Grounds Series

About: - slow-burn

- contemporary

- YA RH (*note: not a 'clean' YA as there are sexy scenes)

- number of slotted books: 3 in HSC&CG and 3 in the secondary trilogy along with two novellas

- features: MFMM meaning the female main character doesn't have to choose between her love interests.


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Please note: This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, underage drinking, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

Release Date: June 15th, 2019


Emma’s to-do list:

1- dump Tyler

2- survive new school

3- rock senior year

My life was as perfect as a teenage girl could hope it would be; friends, boyfriend, straight-A student, loving parents, and all that jazz. Until my entire world comes crashing down. Alright, that may be a bit dramatic, but come on, what sane person wants to move halfway across the country after their senior year has already started?

That’s not all that happened, but I digress. My entire world gets shaken up and suddenly I find myself in the middle of freaking nowhere Nebraska surrounded by three cute guys…

Reid, the clown of the group,

Kingston, the laidback, go with the flow kind of guy,

and Jesse, the closed off one you don’t even want me to get started on.

Anyway, so here I am facing all sorts of challenges I never even thought of like a creepy classmate, a mean Assistant Principal, and trouble with the law, but they’ve got my back.

We can totally handle our senior year and make it to graduation, right?

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Release Date: November 30th, 2019


Emma’s to-do list:

1- stay away from Brad

2- survive the ACT

3- make memories with my boys

Moving cross country a month into my senior year was turning out to not be so bad despite all my initial dramatics. I had made some awesome friends and even got a great part-time gig at the coffee shop. Oh, let’s not forget to mention I got a boyfriend… three in fact, all of who have made the not-so-awesome parts of my forced relocation after my parents’ divorce easier to handle.

But when our creepy classmate decides to press charges against Jesse, the confrontation with my parents finally comes to head, and my still-pestering ex from California decides to take it up a notch- will we be able to deal with all the stress, or will we end up in over our heads?

#TickedOffTuesday entries just got a whole lot longer, but we can totally handle our senior year and make it to graduation, right?

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Book 3- Chaps & Cappuccinos estimated release is spring 2020. More information on the secondary trilogy and spin-off novels coming soon!


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