• A.J. Macey

Not Your Basic Witch Series by A.J. Macey and Jarica James

About: - fast-burn

- witchy

- academy RH (*note: the entire series is not within the academy setting)

- number of slotted books: 3

-Legend of Asteria trilogy number: 1 (*this trilogy is the first in a series collection consisting of six trilogies titled Legends of Asteria. Each trilogy should be read in order.)

- features: MMFMMM meaning there is M/M content and the female main character doesn't have to choose between her love interests.


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Please note: This book contains references involving PTSD, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

Release Date: August 30th, 2019


Aris Calisto, newest student at Aether Academy of Crystal Magic and Witchcraft not only stands out with her quirky outfits and bubblegum pink hair but also draws attention by being what’s considered the lowest of the low in the Akasha society- a Mixta.

When mysterious things start happening, including unexpected bindings, things going missing, and being claimed by a not-so-traditional familiar, Aris realizes she’s in over her cotton candy-colored head. Enter in the five guys who have been magically roped into Aris’s rodeo:

Caspian- the playful potions brewer,

Drayce- the summoner who never seems to get overwhelmed,

Kye- a broody rune drawer who Aris can’t help but pester,

Xan- the spell caster with no sense of humor to speak of,

and Torryn- the history professor who seems to demand every waking hour working on mastering her power.

With a cauldron full of men behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to figure out what’s happening to her capricious coven? Or will she find out that life’s a real witch?

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Release Date: March 21st, 2020


Aris Calisto is no longer the newest student at Aether Academy but after her creepy headmaster finds out about her relationship with a professor, she’s finding her seemingly new home is quickly becoming hellsticks. To make matters worse, when someone leaks Aris’s new powers, her and her guys are faced with a Council inquiry.

Despite what should be an easy ‘potion to brew’, Aris quickly discovers that not all is as it seems in the capital of Akasha and soon enough, she and her men dealing with a cauldron full of problems-

fighting a not-so-friendly familiar face,

having to go on the run,

growing pains in their relationships,

portal hopping to places they’ve only read about.

With her capricious coven behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to figure out what to do? Or will she find out that you need to be careful what you witch for?

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Release Date: June 20th, 2020


Nothing in Aris Calisto’s life has ever been basic, and after a cauldron full of unexpected events, she finds herself a fugitive. Going on the run should have been the biggest challenge of her life, but after being separated from her tethers, she’s faced with an impossible choice--submit or run.

With time ticking down, Aris and her ragtag band of witches have to risk it all. Despite the odds, her coven manages to find their way back to each other, and Aris quickly realizes they have more allies than they thought. Revolution is coming to Akasha, but it won’t be an easy ‘potion to brew’ with-

new powers to master,

a collection of hexing hellions intent to use her for themselves,

an anonymous admirer,

and the unexpected burden of becoming a leader.

With her capricious coven behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to hit the council where it hurts? Or will she find out payback’s a real witch?

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More information on the second Legend of Asteria trilogy coming soon!


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