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NSFW: List of Sexual Acronyms/Definitions


This list does not include all sexual/BDSM definitions, only ones typically referenced within book or RH circuits (not all books include this, mind you, but I figured it would be useful)

**for more in-depth information: https://www.reddit.com/r/BDSMcommunity

**Sexual terms (most likely to see, does not include all terms)

Ageplay: Type of roleplay that includes a distinct difference between ages (i.e. see DDlg)

BDSM: Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism

Bondage: Restraint or restriction

Bottom: One who receives sensation of action

Breathplay: Restricting breath (i.e. choking)

Cane/Caning: Striking someone with a cane (or other item such as semi-flexible material), usually across broad, fleshy areas of the body

Consent: Saying yes and agreeing to sexual acts (NOT coerced and freely given)

CBT: Cock and Ball Torture/Cunt and Breast Torture

CNC: Consensual non-consent (a.k.a. rape play- safe words such as red, yellow, green used to safely recreate non-consent)

DDlb: Daddy Dom/little boy (does NOT mean underage or actual child)

DDlg: Daddy Dom/little girl (does NOT mean underage or actual child)

Dominant: One who has, takes, or receives power (Dom/Domme)

D/s - Dominant/submissive (sexual personality type)

--examples of sexual pairing:

i.e.: M/m: Dom/sub male on male

i.e.: mFm: female Domme with two non-interacting submissive men

i.e.: Mmf: Dom male with submissive male and female, includes male on male content

DubCon: Dubious-consent (coerced or forced through threats or other means)

Edgeplay: Practices that are considered inherently risky (i.e. breathplay/choking, CNC)

Fetish: Object or action that isn't necessarily sexual, but acts as a turn-on or holds a sexual association (i.e. leather)

Golden Showers: Peeing on someone/being peed on

Hard Limit: Action or item that a person is not comfortable with and will not consider (see Limit and Soft Limit for further explanation)

Impact Play: Act of hitting or making an impact (i.e. spanking, slapping)

Limit: Line a person sets between what they will consider/do and what they won't (see Hard Limit and Soft Limit)

Masochist: One who enjoys receiving pain

MDlb: Mommy Domme/little boy (does NOT mean underage or actual child)

MDlg: Mommy Domme/little girl (does NOT mean underage or actual child)

M/s: Master/slave, type of D/s relationship

NonCon: Non-consent (a.k.a. rape)

OTK: Over the Knee (i.e. spanking)

Play: Verb used to describe a BDSM action (i.e. ageplay, rapeplay)

Play Party: Where people get together to play (i.e. sex club seen in The King by Ivy Fox)

S&M: Sadism and masochism

Sadist: One who enjoys giving pain

Sadomasochist: One who enjoys both giving and receiving pain.

Safeword: Pre-agreed upon word for either party to use (typically used for bottom or sub if it's gone too far). Does not necessarily have to be no or stop, but is the equivalent (common example: Green- keep going, Yellow- pause/check-in, Red- stop immediately)

Soft Limit: A limit one will consider possibly doing in the future, but isn't comfortable with currently

Submissive: One who gives, relents, or doesn't have power (Sub)

Switch: One who switches between roles

Top: One who gives sensation or action

Vanilla: Used to describe non-kink sex (also used to describe 'boring sex' in some cases, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS!)

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